“We are planning to procure one sample of your medicine-jivdaya netraprabha to have a trail on patients at this charitable hospital. If found successful, then will demand for large quantity. Kindly send the medicine on following address.”

Dr. K.A.Halke, Maan, Satara


One of the best treatments for eyes compared to Allopathic eye drops/tear drops. Would be great for prolonged usage twice a day possibly. I have now been using it for over 2 months as per my two previous purchases, great for people who use computers for a long time (5-7 hrs a day), No side-effects, pure ayurvedic.

Samir M Shah

“Dr. K.A.Halke, Malvadi, Satara. Date-19-9-53. Received your sample of Netraprabha. We will be using it on patients and will definitely convey you the results of it. Thank you.”




Fast delivery and good product.

Paras Jain



“I did trials on patients at our charitable hospital and found that Jivdaya netraprabha drops reduces burning, pricking sensation and conjunctivitis of eyes. We are really glad to see the results. Thank you. I practice in this hospital on charity basis and want to purchase 2/3 bottles of this medicine but it is our request you to kindly consider our charitable services that we provide here, hence accordingly charge. Kindly reply as per. Thank you.”



Gaurav Agrawal

“Dear Sir,
It is with great pleasure that I came across your valued advertisement in the “Shikshun Patrika” about your Jiwadaya Netraprabha”.
I am very fond of reading late hours but I was asked to discontinue reading late hours since my eyes used to pain and afterwards I could not get sound sleep. I thought over it after reading your advert & finally decided to purchase a bottle of Jiwadaya Netraprabha and after trying it on the very first night, I found that it gave me a great relief. My eyes didn’t pain and I got a sound sleep. I got up early in the morning, in spite of reading books late hours and usually after reading I used to get up very late in the mornings. I am now continuing applying the same very night.”




Excellent for eyes.

Amit Sanghi



“Heartily greetings to Jiwadaya,
I have got V.P. by paying Rs. 10 and 15 Paise. My occupation is astrologer, hence I am very much glad. One of my friends, Mr. Balramji Manavar is working in your factory as an accountant. He wrote me about this medicine(Jiwadaya Netraprabha No.1) that after using it, he reduced the use of his specs. Hence I asked for this medicine and when I started applying it, many other demanded. I distributed all the bottles among them. I asked for new bottles again. You supplied the same immediately,(Cont.) I am applying this medicine for the sake of removing specs, twice a day and not for any other disease, getting result.”
Narayan Jyotishi(Astrologer),
Shree Nityananad Ashram, Dhaar(Madhyapradesh)


My eyes is now very good after useing this product.


“Respected Manager,
It is my pleasure to tell you that I have used “Jivadaya Netraprabha” Anjana in eye disease patients & I got good results. It works on excellent on early stages of cataract.”

Yours faithful
Vaidya K.M.Sharma




Good product




“Respected Sir,
We are using your eye product since last 20 years. It gives relief specially in summer season. It keeps eyes always healthy. I myself keep on advising “Jivadaya Netraprabha” to everyone.”

S.G. Dharuv
Bld. No. 2, C wing, flat no. 08, 1st floor,
Krishna Nagar CHS, Chandavarkar lane,
Borivali(west), Mumbai-92.

Written by : Capt. A.K.Das Gupta, M.B. & M.L. (R)

Published in : The Indian Medical Review, Volume XXXI Number 12, Calcutta, December 1959

Eye is one of the most delicate structures of the body. But at the same time it is constantly exposed to trauma and infection. In factories and foundries, there is every chance of accident with iron particles, fire, chemicals, and dust. There is also every chance of microbial infection from air and by contact. So an ophthalmic preparation should always be at hand to prevent infection and soothe inflammation and thereby clean the eyes and keep them healthy.

There are some allopathic ophthalmic preparations, which can either control the infection and inflammation. But none has got a dual action. Again, some of them are irritant and produces sensitization reactions.

But “Netraprabha” of Jiwadaya is an ideal ophthalmic preparation with dual actions as desired. It is made up of selected Indian herbs and plants. After extensive research work it has been formulated and prepared very skillfully to retain all the properties of the drugs afresh and in the highest degree. It produces immediate soothing action and pain, redness, photophobia, and lacrimation are controlled in a reasonably short times and thereby protects the tissues from further deterioration and decay. It also inhibits the microbes. Post-operative, it quickens the process of healing and restores normal condition.


  1. It is highly efficacious and affords quick relief or symptoms, cleansing property, and aids to sound sleep at night
  2. Affords immediate relief to the over-strained eyes e.g. sun-glare, tear gas etc.
  3. Effective only locally, so there is no chance of irritation and sensitization reaction
  4. Combats infection and counteracts inflammation simultaneously
  5. Absolutely harmless and can be used with perfect safety in all age groups
  6. Effective in post operative ocular care
  7. Also useful as a first-aid in scorpion bite, burns cuts and bruises
  8. Found efficacious also in scabies, ringworm and skin infections
  9. Routine use restores normal eye sight and keep off use of specks
  10. Keeps its potency in all climate, available everywhere and is economic


It is an outstanding and unparalleled Ayurvedic Ophthalmic preparation of its kind in India. It has a very wide range of therapeutic actions in various eye diseases. Its efficacy has been appreciated by eminent doctors of our country and strongly certified too. It is absolutely reliable. Doctors can use it with the greatest amount of confidence.

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